Who are we?

Look, we enjoy a cornichon or pickled egg as much as the next person, but our bar snack of choice isn't the inspiration behind our name. Our namesake is a cult hero, a South London legend, a black and white collie dog responsible for sniffing out the Jules Rimet Trophy after it was stolen from an exhibition in Westminster, three months before the 1966 World Cup kicked off. Pickles, out for a walk with his owner, David Corbett, discovered the trophy in Upper Norwood seven days after it was stolen. Hero.

The game has changed a fair bit since Pickles saved the day, but for us, football is still about the clubs we support, it’s the weekly kickabout, grassroots and the game in its purest form. It’s about mates. And it always will be. Pickles for everyone.

“To see the ball, to run after it, makes me the happiest man in the world” – Diego Maradona