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The Pickles Story

Founded in 2011, Pickles is an independent football magazine that celebrates the best in football culture and shines a light on the most interesting stories.


In March 1966, four months before the World Cup kicked-off, the Jules Rimet Trophy was stolen from the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster where it had been on display. Just seven days after it was stolen, it was discovered in a garden hedge in Upper Norwood, South London, by a bloke walking his dog. That bloke was David Corbett and his dog was Pickles – the inspiration behind our magazine’s name and a football hero.

"Perfectly curated, packed with creative, it's an essential part of the modern football mix. A contemporary king of a classic game."


The magazine focuses on the culture surrounding the game, great football stories and issues that transcend the sport. Inspired by the beautiful game, we use design and illustration to present stories in more engaging ways, as well as featuring great photography – presenting unique and original articles and offering a commentary on the modern game.

Thanks for checking us out and we appreciate all your support.